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ABOUT AIM Pathshala

AIM Pathshala is an initiative - to provide free of cost teaching/tuition to students/children belonging to weaker section of the society who otherwise can’t afford quality education in Private schools and who don’t have enough resources to get private tuition. This is however in no way, at present, to replace the present system of govt or private schooling. But following things have necessitated this initiative-

1. Quality of education in government schools is not up to the mark particularly after the engagement of contract teachers.

2. There are many people both in villages and in towns who can’t send their children to private/convent schools because of hefty fees charged by these private schools.

3. There are many drop-outs too who need special attention so that they can complete their education and compete with the rest.

With these gaps in the education, it was decided to provide supplementary education to those children who cannot afford private school/coaching and they need some guidance out of the school hour to do well in their study and to compete with their counterparts who have otherwise access to quality education.

With this view in mind, AIM Pathshala have been started in which 2 hour personal guidance is provided to students belonging to class 1 to 10 at a designated place where Educators/Mentors can teach/guide them free of cost and solve their queries. This Pathshala is primarily situated in those areas belonging to weaker section of the society and it also focuses on girl child and drop-outs.

At present the funding pattern is based on philanthropic work. Some young civil servants belonging to Bihar & Jharkhand, social activists and other philanthropic persons with a penchant to serve the underprivileged have come forward to lend helping hand to this Organization called AIM Foundation and there are bearing the cost of hiring the Educator/Mentor at different centres.

In future the following funding pattern shall be followed:

A. Funding the entire cost of running a Pathshala at any designated place including classroom, monthly remuneration for Educator/Mentor, cost of Books/stationery etc. This will roughly cost Rs. 2000-3000/- month.

B. Any motivated educated person with requisite qualification may also volunteer as an Educator/Mentor either full time or part-time free of cost.

Accordingly, AIM Foundation appeals civil servants, other govt servants, social activists, freelancers and other philanthropists to come forward and contribute to this cause so that no child is left uneducated.